Want More Animated Videos for Your Business? Outsource with the Experts at Bell4Business 
Animated videos for your business are a cost-effective approach to engaging your audience. They can explain, provide insights, and tell stories. You already know the value of these videos, as 81% of businesses use them. So, no one needs to be convinced that animated video is a good thing. Instead, what you may be struggling with is how and when you’ll create them. 
Why Outsourcing Makes Sense for Animated Video 
As a small business, you wear a lot of hats—videographer probably isn’t another title you want. For video, outsourcing is an excellent choice. You’ll work with experts who can develop videos quickly and at an affordable rate. 
You may think you can use a do-it-yourself program, but the reality is these platforms take lots of time to understand, and the finished product may not have the polish you expect. You could also choose to use an online marketplace and work with someone virtually. While this can be a very cheap option, communication is often challenging and quality poor. 
Your best option for outsourcing animated videos is to use a local shop that caters to small business. When you work with a local provider, you can have two-way conversations about your ideas and the entire process. This means that you’ll more than likely receive an initial version that fits with your vision. Less back and forth and revisions means you won’t get hit with an avalanche of hourly fees. 
Choose Local, Work with Bell4Business 
Bell4Business serves the Hull, Beverley, East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire areas, delivering a variety of outsourced solutions for small business. We believe in the power of animated video for business and would love to create something special for your brand. 
When you work with us, you’ll enjoy working with friendly, knowledgeable staff to deliver the video that meets your requirements. 
We specialize in explainer videos to introduce your brand and training videos for staff and sales. However, we can develop a custom video based on your goals with your own voiceovers. 
We start with an initial conversation about your objectives and what you have in mind, which becomes the creative brief we use in design and development. Then, in as little as seven days, your video will be ready to go. 
Pricing starts at only £75.00, and we offer discounts for multiple video orders. Learn more about our animated video capabilities then get in touch to get started. 
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