Posts from January 2018

Feedback is essential within businesses. What do your consumers think? What can you improve? What are you good at? However, not all feedback is great – but don’t let that worry you. 
Statistics show that 88 percent of consumers are influenced by an online review when deciding what to buy and who to buy from. So, what steps should you take if you receive a bad review? 
As a small business, you and your employees may wear many hats. The problem is you’ve still only got one head. This leads to feeling overwhelmed and not being able to focus on your strengths. Many Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire small businesses have been able to find a solution: outsourcing certain business support functions. Consider it an extension of your business. Partnering with a local business support firm can alleviate stress and streamline processes. 
Cottingham, East Yorkshire, England – December 18, 2017 - As a small business and partner to many other small businesses, Bell4Business understands the value of being a part of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). FSB is a network of small business members that support the success of each small business. This group of small business owners works to foster the best possible environments for healthy business growth and sustainability. Founder Louise Bell demonstrated her commitment to the small business community by recently joining FSB. 
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