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While a paid social media strategy increases your brand awareness and reach, a solid organic strategy improves your online presence and reputation. 
Understandably, social media platforms want you to use their paid ads. It’s how they make their money after all (topping over £44 billion globally in 2018) and although social media ads will inflate your numbers and make your reach and impressions seem sky high, that doesn’t always translate to leads or conversions. 
Paid ads give you a short-term boost; but organic is for the long-term. It’s what builds communities and here’s an insight as to why… 
Paid Can’t Build Communities............ 
As a business owner, one of your biggest hassles is chasing debtors. You've done the work; now they need to pay for your services. When you have to spend time doing this, that means there is less time for you to do the important things like growing your business. 
That's why you should consider outsourcing debtor chasing with Bell4Business. 
We have the experience and expertise you need to get your money to you fast and with no effort on your part. Outsourcing debtor chasing not only gets your company what's due to them, but you can focus on the important aspects of running your business. 
Here's a success story about how we helped a small business recover monies............ 
As a new year begins, most have become well acquainted with the new EU rule, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Since it became law in May 2018, there has been considerable conversation about compliance. 
Many small companies may still be struggling to comply as it requires several obligations around data security and data usage. 
At Bell4Business, we’ve been able to help many local businesses adhere to and understand the GDPR. 
Easy points to consider ............................. 
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Bell4Business 
Our Year in Review and What’s on Tap for 2019 
What a fantastic year 2018 has been for Bell4Business! We’ve been able to grow and help even more small businesses in Hull, East Yorkshire, and North Lincolnshire. We’re excited to have been the solution and choice for companies that need assistance with auxiliary services like marketing, bookkeeping, and admin tasks—so they can focus on bringing in new business and serving their current clients. 
Our growth has resulted in growth for lots of our clients, and we’re proud to be a part of any business’ success.  
As we close the books on 2018, here’s what we accomplished................... 
If you don’t have a website blog or are inconsistent in your posting, you are missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with your audience. Blogging has numerous benefits, attracting target buyers and engaging them with quality content that answers their questions. Website blogging isn’t a commercial for your brand but rather a way to show your expertise and gain credibility. The most important benefits of blogging include: 
• Enhancing SEO and keeping your site fresh 
• Providing content to share on social media 
• Building stronger relationships 
• Generating better leads 
To start a new business is often to follow a passion but the sudden reality can be that passion must take a back seat when the realities of running a business hit home.  
One of the challenges that occurs is business admin – and what soon follows is the need to reduce admin to remain productive. 
According to a report we carried out on business admin and how it affects firms, we found smaller businesses in the UK estimate they spend 71 days undertaking administration tasks. That’s more than 14 working weeks, or around three months. 
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Looking for an interesting way to tell your brand’s story? Animated video is a great application to express your company’s unique selling proposition, detailing what you do, who you help, and how you are different. The benefits of animated video are huge, exposing your Hull or East Yorkshire business to many more eyes. 
Stories are only as good as they look, so it’s a good idea to use a professional services company that concept the idea and deliver a quality, targeted video. Animated video engages your audience and is cost-effective. 
What the numbers say 
If you are considering animated video, you may be seeking some data to determine if it really works. Read more 
As a small business, you and your employees may wear many hats. The problem is you’ve still only got one head. This leads to feeling overwhelmed and not being able to focus on your strengths. Many Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire small businesses have been able to find a solution: outsourcing certain business support functions. Consider it an extension of your business. Partnering with a local business support firm can alleviate stress and streamline processes. 
Bell4Business Limited announces its new membership with the Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce.  This membership allows for Bell4Business to be part of the community and share ideas and solutions with other members. 
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