Office & Admin Support 

Admin Support 
All the ins and outs of running a business can weigh you down. Let us help take those off your shoulders. 
From as little as two hours per week, we can implement and monitor processes and secretarial services. Company procedures, forms and general office work can weigh a business down and prevent you from making progress. Courtesy calls, data cleansing and pre-screening can be time consuming, however it is absolutely essential. Carried out to identify and remove, amend or update all inaccurate or incomplete data. It is also be used to help identify numerous contacts within each company you contact, with the eventual aim of discovering the direct contact details of the decision-maker in any given department. 
Up-to-date address records for your clients means that your mailshots and flyers will always be delivered to the right person at the right business address, which is paramount to effective business development. 
Telephone Answering 
Are You Picking Up Every Call? 
Every business wants the phone to keep ringing. It usually means new business. But what happens when the call isn’t answered and goes to voicemail? Will they ever call back? The reality is that most customers expect a timely response, with 40% expecting one within an hour. Plus, if you miss their first call, they may move on to a competitor because they need help now and don’t want to wait. Sending a customer voicemail also can change their perception of you. They may think they aren’t important or that you’re too busy to take on new work. 
However, there is a solution that solves this challenge. Every call is picked up without you needing to hire more staff. We offer telephone answering services that can divert your businesses calls to us. It’s fairly easy to do this, no matter your provider. You’ll be provided a dedicated number for your business. When calls are received from that number, your company name is displayed on our system and our associates answer the call based on your preferred greeting or requirements. We aim to greet your callers in the same way that you would. 

We’ll chat with the customer or prospect and detail what they need then quickly pass the information over to you. If calls come in outside of business hours, our personalised voicemail system will take the call and relay the message in a timely manner. 

Debtor Chasing 
Are You Running in Circles? 
In your business, nobody wants to deal with debtor chasing. Yet, it’s necessary to ensure that you get paid for your services. You probably don’t have the time or resources to be aggressive, as you’re busy enough with the day-to-day operations of your company. 
To minimise the number of unpaid invoices on your books, look for some help from the professionals at Bell4Business. We’ve been able to help many small businesses recoup more monies due to them because of our hands-on approach to debtor chasing. In fact, we were able to reduce the amount owed to a company by over £130,000 in only 60 days! 

Here’s how we act on your best interest: 

We start with a careful review of your debtors then devise a plan of action. 
Then we start with chasing down those who owe you money, having in-depth conversations with them about possible payment plans and ways to reach a settlement. Next, we prepare detailed reports for you on all our actions and the results. This can be helpful should you need to file a court case to collect what’s due. We continue with weekly contact with the debtor and have found this consistency has made debtors more apt to pay. 
Do you need a virtual marketing assistant? 
Brand awareness is key with any business and the ease of finding your business online is becoming more and more important. Marketing your business can be difficult, but here at Bell4Business we have you, your business goals and objectives in mind. 
The benefits that come with marketing increase constantly, which is why our marketing techniques continually adapt and evolve with the ever-changing world of marketing. 
We use email marketing software to target large audiences with specific content that is much more enticing than a plain old regular email. The software allows us to see in depth analytics of who has shown interest in your email, allowing us to then personally follow up possible customers. 
Another piece of marketing software we use is an automated, scheduling site. This enables us to send out regular posts during out of office hours, which is often the best time as this is when most engagement is generated. Marketing ensures that your business is building credibility and authority, as well as loyalty and trust with both your current and future customers. 

Bell4Business have worked with Arlington Moore for the last 12 months.  

The team are friendly, efficient and always willing to go the extra mile. What they do which is different from many other companies is they actually make every effort to understand your business and its audience. They provide exceptional value for money and often come up with well thought out business and marketing ideas. I would highly recommend Bell4Business! 

Arlington Moore Ltd 

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