Outsource Call Handling

Telephone Answering

Are you picking up every call that comes through?

Every business wants the phone to keep ringing. It usually means new business. But what happens when the call isn’t answered and goes to voicemail? Will they ever call back?

The reality is that most customers expect a timely response, with 40% expecting one within an hour. Plus, if you miss their first call, they may move on to a competitor because they need help now and don’t want to wait. Sending a customer voicemail also can change their perception of you. They may think they aren’t important or that you’re too busy to take on new work.

We aim to greet your callers
in the same way that you would.

Make sure every call is answered, you don’t need to hire more staff to do this…
Outsource to Bell4Business. 


Let’s arrange a consultation to understand your businesses needs and create your quote.

Transfer phones

We’ll transfer your businesses calls over to our office team.

Develop understanding

Getting to know your business so we can answer the calls in the correct way.

Answer calls

Whether you need us to take a message or answer customer questions, we’re ready!

We offer telephone answering services that
can divert your businesses calls to us.
It’s fairly easy to do this, no matter your provider. We’ll get you set up and then we’ll be ready to go.

We’ll chat with the customer or prospect and detail what they need then quickly pass the information over to you. If calls come in outside of business hours, our personalised voicemail system will take
the call and relay the message in a timely manner

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